Learn more about Sustainable Existence on-line event

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This event is free for everyone. Instructions to enrol are at the end.


  • Who we are
  • What we want to achieve
  • How you are crucial to make the transformation we all need around the world to have a sustainable existence for ourselves and for future generations
  • How collaboration networks can change the world
  • What are the guides and what you can do right away
  • Why is important to share success stories
  • How you can support the transformation movement
  • Questions

To attend the event please follow these steps:

  1. Add event to cart
  2. Follow the check out prompts. 
  3. An email will be sent to you with a link to join the on-line event along with the date and time of the event. 
  4. The day of the event, please click on the link and join the event. 


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