Culture and values

A sustainable existence requires a change of attitude, a new culture and the adoption of essential principles. 

It involves taking up ancestral values that have been lost over time while extending family values throughout the entire community, businesses and organizations. 

Every individual action has a consequence in the community and the entire world and it sums up to every action that other individuals take to form an incredibly strong collective transformation. 

Sustainability Principles

Every person’s life and the dynamics of every industry are unique and different to all others.  

However, there are common elements that overlap in every life or organization. The Sustainability Principles seek to tackle these common elements to build up the foundation of a sustainable existence.

Every principle must be understood and adapted to the circumstances and needs of every person, business, organization or government.  

The power of networking and collaboration

Unity is strength. When we collaborate we learn, we teach, we establish trust and credibility and we obtain mutual long lasting benefits.

Most people need each other to live, to eat, to have fun, to travel, to have health care, drinking water and even waste collection services. 

Sustainable Existence requires mutual help and support to create the world we want. 

We propose to create a global transformation network so that local actions can aggregate and benefit the entire planet collectively.

The network platform will enable sharing experiences, asking questions, collaborating and supporting each other to accelerate the pace of action to achieve a sustainable existence very soon. 

The risks we face

No doubt we are living a unique time in history with a level of comfort and convenience we never imagined before.

We can buy things that once were unattainable and far beyond reach. Merchandise, food and raw materials move from one end of the world to the other. 

All this may sound perfect, but this level of progress has negatively affected the natural and social systems to the point where many may collapse anytime. 

Wealth has become enormous, but its distribution has become incredibly uneven, marginalizing and reducing the purchasing power of billions of people. 

The entire planet has deteriorated, climate has drastically changed and resources are exhausting putting that the lives of humans, animals and plants in danger.

The world we want for everyone and
the priorities we must have

What we want to achieve

Raise awareness to drive actions

Increasing knowledge and battling ignorance through the Guides and Courses, we expect to motivate people, businesses and organizations to take immediate action to transform their existence. 

Every action counts, just like a single grain of sand is necessary to form the ocean’s floor. 

Establish a platform to share success stories that can be replicated quickly and efficiently everywhere

Motivating everyone to discover what is being done in their community and around the world, will ignite individual and local projects that can also be shared with others to speed up their replication. 

The collaboration forums and the social media platforms are great tools to share your initiatives using: 


Grow and support the parallel economy geared towards a sustainable existence

Supporting people, businesses and organizations that are geared towards a sustainable existence is a must to transform our world. You can find, collaborate, contact, learn and support them in the Collaboration Network database.

Share with us anyone who should become part of that list to expand the reach of transformation. 

How you can participate

Start by learning how the way you live impacts the world

Know the individual actions you can take right away

Participate and invite others to join the transformation

Contribute to support and promote Sustainable Existence

Become a leader in the transformation towards a sustainable existence


Sustainable Existence is an organization that really cares about everyone's well-being and how to create a better future for everyone in our planet and leaves behind their personal interests.
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