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Collaboration networks
Today more than ever before
collaboration is key to have a
sustainable existence

Collaboration between people is essential to drive the transformation towards a sustainable existence. However, businesses, governments and non-for profit organizations are elements of our global social and economic systems and collaboration amongst themselves and with people are crucial to prosper too.  

In a thriving ecosystem, governments set the rules of the game, regulate activity between the parts of the system and provide the basic infrastructure to prosper.  People are the engine of the ecosystem through their labour and make businesses prosper through the goods and services they purchase.  Businesses are an intermediary and a way to accumulate wealth to invest in new opportunities in the ecosystem and generate more jobs. Non-for-profit organizations act as mediators between the other 3 parties and provide assistance where nobody else does. 

The most important aspect for an ecosystem to thrive is to ensure that all parties have equal circumstances and representation to prosper individually, have aligned purposes and support each other mutually.  Sadly, in today’s world there is little balance between the parties. Many small and medium size businesses are shaded by the large corporations, employees are exploited or governments are manipulated to serve the interests of only a few people. 

A sustainable existence requires a change of mentality in the entire ecosystem to provide equality and trust and create virtuous support circles between all parties. 

The collaboration networks at Sustainable Existence are a tool to provide equal circumstances and establish connections between people, businesses, governments and non-for-profit organizations regardless of their size or influence.

Below you will find a database showing parties that are committed to driving and achieving a sustainable existence through everything but greenwashing.

We invite you to explore the directory and support the different organizations based on your individual needs and interests.  You will find a promotional code that can be used in case you decide to purchase or support each business, government or non-for-profit organization. This code will help us grow the collaboration network and may provide you additional benefits with each party. Rest assured we will never track your visits to other sites.   

If you know another organization or business that should belong to this list, please let us know through our contact form.

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Angeles Toledo

Sustainable Investment Expert