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Most people look to prosper in their lives. However, it is hard to understand that the best way to do it is as a community and not alone. The more our neighbours prosper, the more we will prosper ourselves too. We only need to see how nature works to realize that.  

In a thriving ecosystem, every part depends on all other parts. If something is not prospering, many other parts are affected negatively, and in the long run, the ecosystem perishes. On the flip side, when every part is thriving, the entire ecosystem benefits and all other parts become more solid and resilient.

The collaboration forums are a tool to make communities prosper through people’s interactions, open conversations, mutual support, advice giving, ideas exchange, questions and knowledge increase. 

Our dream is that collaboration replaces competition and that the exchange of ideas serves as the seeds to be planted throughout the entire planet to make the transformation roots grow, so that all communities can grow as strong trees and bear the fruit of transformation and prosperity. 

How to use the Collaboration Forums

We would like to invite everyone to share ideas, comments, questions, challenges and feedback.  Please be succinct, respectful, constructive and propose solutions instead of just issues.

Please remember that every person, industry and business is different but all have common elements that can relate to all others. To provide more context, indicate where you live, what your business is and where it operates.

The more success stories or ideas we share, the more they can be replicated elsewhere and the more we learn from them.

We have created different forums specialized in particular topics and the moderator may direct the discussions to the forums where they belong the best.

Enjoy the path of transformation towards a sustainable existence.