On-line Academy
We want to help every person, business and organization
increase their knowledge about sustainability
in the most convenient and flexible way

In this section you will find the courses that we offer through the On-line Academy.  To simplify the search we have divided them in two course groups: for people and for businesses. We invite you to explore both groups to better meet your needs.

At Sustainable Existence, we want to increase knowledge in people and organizations to create a higher level of conscience and awareness. Knowledge provides real power to every person and leads to making better decisions in everything you do every day.  

We know that every person’s life has different schedules, commitments and demands. Through the On-line Academy, we offer courses in a flexible manner with no time limits so you can learn during your available time and at your own pace. 

We also provide real-time learning spaces through the live courses and events to complement the on-line courses. 

We invite you to explore what we offer and take as many courses as you are interested in. 

If you have any suggestion about a topic of your interest or any other recommendation, please let us know through the contact form.