Mission and purpose

Guide people, businesses, organizations and governments to transform the world and have a sustainable existence through:


  • Eliminating ignorance and increasing knowledge of every person. 


  • Forming change agents to transform their area of influence. 


  • Creating a global support network between people, businesses, organizations and governments to adopt and promote the sustainability principles.

Our story

We were born. We played. We enjoyed the time with our family.  

We had the privilege to attend school and eventually go to university, graduate and find a job in a “respectable” company. 

We followed the path that we were taught. We got into debt to rent or buy a place where to live, pay for transport, food and livelihood. We sacrificed our time, our health and our well-being for money to acquire essential and non-essential things.  

We got immersed in a journey that is considered successful for the world: being productive, paying taxes, voting to choose our leaders, searching personal fulfillment and form a family. 

We did not care much about the impact that our jobs, our purchases, our trips, our recreational activities and all other decisions we made had on the environment, the rest of the society we live in, our neighbours and nature. We were sure somebody else had thought about it and trusted they had taken all that into account when created our jobs, the goods we consume, the way we live and the future we built.  

It took us 25 years to realize that most of what we know today, and thought it was the right way, it is not. Our world and our societies are changing and deteriorating at a pace never seen before.

We are one step away from not being able to offer our children a planet where they can exist, where they and the rest of people can have an opportunity to live and grow older, fall in love, perhaps form a family and age with dignity and prosperity. 

We know there is so much to do to truly transform all that, not only for them but for future generations.  The opportunity to be able to offer them that transformation is our motivation to create Sustainable Existence.

Who we are


I am a bold and perseverant woman. Passionate about kayaking and the connection we can establish between people, nature and the world that surrounds us. I strongly believe we need to define a new way of living: fulfilled, happy and sustainable, away from consumerism that we live in most cities around the world, limiting the irrational use of packaging and generating waste that pollute our world, and be able to enjoy everything that nature provides and does for us. 

We must take care of our planet now to be able to leave a better world to the current and future generations in every possible sense. 



Son, brother and father.  Musician at heart and engineer at mind.  Philosopher and idealist with my feet on the ground.  Friend and neighbour.  Spiritual and logical. 

I walked away from a traditional and successful corporate career to recover my health. By doing so, I was able to see opportunities and a world I had never seen before when I was so busy with my daily prescribed life.  I learned that our current track is leading us all nowhere and that we must create a very different way of living, far more fulfilling, fair and kind.  That led me to start a transformation journey towards a sustainable existence.

Now I am driven by a clear and powerful purpose: help anyone I can to build a very different world.  A world where children and youth can grow older, live fully, build and leave a better world than the one we all found. 

Sustainable Existence Culture

Openness and honesty



Acceptance of past errors and mistakes


Everything we do affects our community and the world


Confidence in the sustainability principles


Collaboration and mutual support


Radical innovation


Hope through action

Donations and support

Every transformation requires support to come true, whether it is through funding, work, social interactions or spreading the word. 

Help us with anything you can: donate, contribute with ideas, collaborate with other and share with your social network. 

Let's give each other a hand

Success stories

Our biggest source of inspiration comes from seeing that transformation is not only possible but it is already happening around the world.  Every story is a seed that is being planted to exist sustainably everywhere. 

We will be sharing more and more success stories and projects where you can participate, learn and contribute, increasing and maintaining your inspiration alive.

Let's build new bridges together